Who We Are?

Stake Coin is a digital currency used to operate transactional processes online. It is an innovative take on modern forms of payment, parallel to the concept of Bitcoin.

With StakeCoin, you can transfer money in any corner of the world without worrying about protocols. Because, StakeCoin is public generated currency without a central governing body.

Be it for educational services, bill payments, trading, buying and selling etc. you can exchange Stake coin similarly like daily currency.

Finance and investment experts all over the world have deemed digital currency to be the most valuable owned asset whose value is highest among all world currencies.

STK Services


The STK HOLDING LLC is the company who has launched the STAKECOIN as an official from USA. It has been registered from USA as the USA is the Business hub for corporate and it is the center point for global reach. It has started for support and services for STAKECOIN which has been developed by Staketech organization, it is the first company who has started for the services and support for the crypto currency. Our ambition is to become a Tier 1 company & the preferred global crypto currency.

This ambition is directly supported by our brand strategy. We define our own category & positioning within crypto market to differentiate us from our competitors. On April 2017, STK HOLDING LLC announced the project of services to become a leader of integrated communication solutions. With this acquisition STK HOLDING LLC intends to create a unique integrated proposition for unified communications and real time capabilities enhancing social collaboration, digital transformation, and business performance of its clients.

We can deal with

  • Payment It's fast and cheap
  • Authority No central authority
  • Staking Powerful rewards
  • Money Create your own money

There few enough reasons to tick your interest in Stake coin investment.


For general information as well as a list of services and exchanges that support StakeCoin at the StakeCoin.com Up-to-date network statistics can be found at StakeCoin.com

No more cash and credit cards . No more service charges for currency- exchange and taxes. StakeCoin transaction have no geographical boundary, provides ultimate convenience to users.

After encryption, circulating amount of StakeCoin is locked to 3 Billion.Most will be issue within 3 year stage by stage in accordance to the demand for the coin.

StakeCoin is an electronically encrypted currency.On September 2015, its 1st level encryption process was successfully completed to secure transactions and prevented it from larceny and illegal duplication

StakeCoin Special

StakeCoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money, With a great compensation marketing plan. StakeCoin is a big idea. It is designed to be a world currency and the currency of choice for entrepreneurs. We combine development skills, International infra-structure, real world entrepreneurial know how, a Global network and user base, and a Global Vision in our DNA, creating a platform for growth second to none.

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