StakeCoin’s downsides

Stakecoin can afford to offer such speed and low cost because it exists only online, with no central regulator or economy to hamper it. The downside of such freedom, however, is that its security is not totally perfect.

Since it is a new form of currency, many merchants are reluctant to accept Stakecoin. For consumers who are interested in trying crypto-currencies, it poses a real problem: even those who want to use Stakecoin can find their options extremely limited.

Why invest in StakeCoin?

The key reason for Stakecoin’s attractiveness to investors is the volatility it has seen in its early months.

Investors enthusiastically took to Stakecoin as a vehicle for investment and it took off in a big way, increasing massively in value in the first few months itself. Since then, it’s price has seen huge levels of volatility.

Firstly, Stakecoin still has a relatively small number of total coins in circulation. Because of how it is designed, a certain number of Stakecoins are released every ten minutes until the maximum 3.1 billion are in circulation. Thus its volatility is a key feature in early months.

Secondly, Stakecoin is still facing questions surrounding its legitimacy and security. As investors and adopters fear a major government taking decisive action against the currency, any signs that government figures are considering regulation can impact its price. That volatility can make Stakecoin an attractive area for investment, especially in times when other currencies have their movements flattened. However, similar to traditional investment options, with increased volatility comes increased risks.

Benefits of Investing in StakeCoin

  • It has lower inflation risk. Regular currencies are controlled by their governments and printed and circulated as per the norms of the central bank of that country. When the value of the currency goes down, the purchasing power also comes down. With Stakecoins, however, the system is infinite and hence one would never run out of coins.
  • The currency is not controlled by any central bank and hence can be transacted freely across borders with minimal control and regulations. Also, since it is a global currency it is not affected by government policies.
  • The transactions are simple, easy and cheap. Since there is no worry of recovery for the sellers, as buyers cannot claim their money back after purchase, they can comfortably ship their products and services.
  • Stakecoin IS PORTABLE. The current major currencies pose the difficulty of carrying large sums of cash. Cash amounting to millions is risky to carry for several reasons and therefore Stakecoin investors prefer it to other currencies. With Stakecoin, you can easily carry around a million dollars’ worth of Stakecoin in a memory card.
  • Another plus point of Stakecoin is that governments cannot trace the source of your funds. Once the seller gets the money, there is no way the transaction can go back to the buyer.


StakeCoin is a brand new and very interesting phenomenon in the modern world!

Jonas Mqubane Ukraine

StakeCoin is a real chance to become truly rich and successful!

Mary Vietnam

StakeCoin is a trend of the modern financial world! Investments in new, secure and innovative cryptocurrency are the key to our financial success.

Melissa Doe USA