• Client Side Encryption - All wallets are encrypted client side using javascript providing protection from server side hacking.
  • Free - No additional transaction fees. A StakeCoin network fee may apply, but is optional.
  • Open Source - All code related to the wallet service is open source.
  • Currency Conversion - Live Market Prices in 22 currencies.

  • Quick Send - Simple send form
  • Free - Advanced Send form with coin control. With ability to embed messages in the stakeexplorer.
  • Open Source - Route transactions through a shared wallet breaking the chain of transactions.

  • HTML5 Mobile interface

  • Android App - Launching Shortly
  • iPhone App - Launching Shortly

Receive notifications when your Stake Wallet account sends or receives StakeCoins.

  • Email

  • Fully Encrypted Wallets - All wallets are fully encrypted client side mean we cannot view your transactions or wallet balance.

  • Double Encryption - Private keys contained within a user's wallet can be individually encrypted with a second password. The second password will be required when sending payments.
  • Password Hints - Password hints can be set to help remember forgotten passwords.
  • Secret Phrase - A secret phrase can be added to your account to help prove your identify in the case of a lost two-factor login.


We are very happy to announce that we have launched the The StakeCoin “web-wallet” as a part of our great financial system.

As part of our customer centric strategy we are always striving to solve for what we call customer's needs, what gives customers sleepless nights, we therefore saw the need to introduce this solution to individual members and businesses to allow them to send StakeCoins to multiple recipients.

The benefits of the web wallet is, it is instant, simple and has the ability to pay multiple recipients.

Members can transfer their coins to web wallet from StakeCoin account. It is great for us to have the experience of new era of financial world.

Members can receive, transfer, pay and store their StakeCoins in this wallet hassle-free with the latest technology that makes users to process their transactions secure and fast.

Users can create their StakeCoin webwallet by using our website or by going directly to the stakewallet website.

Benefits of StakeWallet

Exchanges and merchants can use it as a business wallet.

User can create their stakewallet following the below link : https://wallet.stakecoin.info

  • Users can create their account free.
  • Users can transfer their StakeCoin.
  • User can send their StakeCoins to other wallet.
  • Users can make payment from stakewallet to the accepted media.
  • Users can mine their StakeCoin from this wallet by integrating with minting machine.